Friday, August 5, 2011

Retro Style & KATE MOSS

KateMosshas teamed upwith Mario Testino foraphotoshootinretro style.Photoshootpublishedin the Augustissue of BritishVogue.


150-meter skyscraper in Mumbai

James Law Cybertecture International will construct an office building in the center Perinee Indian city of Mumbai. 150-meter skyscraper will house offices of the famous Bollywood film companies. In this regard, lined with numerous diagonal facade of a skyscraper, includes a huge LED screen, which will be printed on film and broadcast advertising videos. On the upper floors of the building located auditorium and a restaurant will be presentations and movie premieres.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beautiful women celebs - most discussed from the week!


AdrianaLima isonehot mama!TheVictoriaSecretmodelstruttingtheir stuffin ateenyblackbikini withher​​adorabledaughterValentinaJariconthe hip overthe weekend.

WhileAdrianahas beenin a two-part,heradorablelittle girlwas dressedin a pinkswimsuit.These lastdays have beengreat forcelebritysightingsbikini, withmodels andmothers aliketoshowtheirfit physique!

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Adriana Lima Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006



KristinCavallari,theformerreality TV star,oscillating ina glassBikiniSwimweekswhileenthusiastic,single again.

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Her love forthisoldqueenbringstears to myeyes,asshe isShannonTweedlastnight,whenthe sexyoldJewand front mankiss had, GeneSimmonsgotdown on one kneeand proposed tohisgirlfriendof 28 yearson A &EGENESIMMONSFAMILYrecorded.Myidiot of atoothlessmanGeorgieGirl-Santiagowas sojealous,because thestunning dressthathe woreShannonfeltitwouldlook goodaswell,butheworks atWalmart,andcanneveraffordhis salary.Butto provehe still hasit, GeorgieGirl-Santiagowent intoour closetand pulledan oldpinkdress thather formerbeauBronxBrunoBelzerbought himandthegumlessmoroncanstill fitit!.

Shannon Tweed 01

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P 6520 from Porsche Design Compass Clock

PorscheDesign presentsa newmodelP6520ClockCompass.This draft has beenthrough the firstfewhours with acompass,builtin 1978,influencedby FerdinandAlexanderPorsche.Titaniumhousing of theclock consists oftwo parts:a clock anda compass.The titaniumbody of the modelconsistsof two parts:a clock anda compass.Watches, Swissautomatic movementSellitaSW300.AndtitaniumbraceletwithblackPVD-coated.Such aclock intheworld, only911 pieces.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

U.S. debt in Pictures

$ 1 million.Does not looktooimpressive,eh?


Most peopleon the planetwill not be ableto earnsuch a sumforhis life.Maybe that's why"to be a Millionaire" isan accomplishmentstandardtradesman.

$114.5 billion here - right from the twins and near the statue:


If youjumpfrom that heightonany Americanskyscraper-is guaranteed tobreak it.And if youjump to thestatue of liberty,thenyou risknot to be.

$114.5billion -a sumwhichthe United Statesnowis not enough foryoutopay formedicine,pharmacy,retirement plan,social programs, policeandall militaryprojects,so belovedby allU.S. presidents.Either thegovernmentwill printthese trillions,or thedebtwillpay forU.S. residentsout of theirpockets.